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Aero India 2009 – part 2

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After a stroll in the Halls it was time to look at some of the displays kept outside the halls. There was a lot of stuff that one could look at if one had enough time for that. Some of the most interesting were being displayed by DRDO like Rustom UAV, Akash missile, Nishant UAV, Radars etc. There was also a very small UAV being displayed by a foreign company which looked cute but I could not understand what use it will be of practically.

Rustom UAV
Rustom is a medium altitude, medium range UAV being developed by DRDO.
Rustom UAV

Nishant UAV is a light weight UAV developed by DRDO.

The Nishant UAV is primarily tasked with intelligence gathering over enemy territory and also for recce, surveillance, target designation, artillery fire correction, damage assessment, ELINT and SIGINT. The UAV has an Endurance of 4 hrs & 30min. Nishant has completed development Phase and User trials.
The 380 kg Nishant UAV requires rail-launching from a hydro-pneumatic launcher and recovered by a Parachute System. Launches at a velocity of 45 m/s are carried out in 0.6 seconds with 100 kW power and subsequent launches can be carried out in intervals of 20 minutes. The Mobile Hydro-Pneumatic Launcher (MHPL) system mounted on a Tatra truck weighs 14,000 kg and boasts of a life cycle of 1000 launches before requiring overhaul.Nishant is one of the few UAVs in the world in its weight-class capable of being catapult-launched and recovered by using parachute, thus eliminating the need for a runway as in case of conventional take-off and landing with wheels.

DRDO's Nishant UAV on it's launch vehicle

Airshow is probably the most important part of the Aero India. This years Air show was graced by the presence of some of the best fighter in the world due to the impending $10 billion MRCA deal. Apart from that the most important part of the Air Show was the India’s own LCA Tejas. It was a moment of great pride to see Tejas doing such amazing aerobatics. Tejas aerobatics confirmed how far India has come in the field of aerospace development. From gen 2 aircraft to gen 4+ aircraft in 25 years is no mean feat. Hats off to DRDO, HAL, GTRE, ADA and all the other agencies who have given India such a potent weapons platform. Indian scientists have shown to the world that they are second to none in terms of capability.

Some pictures of aerobatics.

F-16 aerobatics in Aero India 2009
F-16 aerobatics in Aero India 2009

Eurofighter Typhoon
Eurofighter Typhoon

Su-30 MKI in Aero India 2009
Su-30 MKI in Aero India 2009

Suryakiran at Aero India 2009
Suryakiran at Aero India 2009

ALH Dhruv at Aero India 2009
ALH Dhruv at Aero India 2009

So that ends the report for the Aero India 2009. It was a great experience and I am sure that I will go there in future also. I hope the show will be better organised in future and provide more facilities to the general public. Anybody who wants to go to Aero India should go there with full preparation for a day of hard work.


Written by Amit Rai

February 21, 2009 at 1:03 pm

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